October 26, 2021
Lahore Fort

Lahore Fort – Mughal Architecture

If you are a Pakistani citizen you must have visited the Lahore Fort or heard about the Lahore Fort. But people don’t know the secret stories […]
October 26, 2021
Amluk Dara Stupa

Amluk Dara Stupa, Hungarian-British Archaeologist

The stupa of Amluk Dara is the oldest known stupa of Gandhara civilization located about 2kilometers on the north of Nawagai village in the beautiful small […]
October 26, 2021
Karakoram Highway

Karakoram Highway, the eighth wonder of the world

Karakoram highway formally known as KKH is considered the highest paved international road in the world. It is a 1300 kilometers long road that connects the […]
October 26, 2021
Khanpur Dam

Khanpur Dam, an ideal spot for summer sports

Are you looking for wet and wild vacations, then Khanpur Dam is a perfect and exotic tourist destination located on River Haro originating from Abbottabad in […]
October 26, 2021
Noor Mahel

Noor Mahal, an Architectural Masterpiece in Bahawalpur

Noor Mahal is a magnificent piece of Muslim architecture, built by the fourth Nawab of Bahawalpur, Nawab Sadiq Muhammad for his beloved wife, but she refused […]
October 26, 2021
Rohats Fort

Rohtas fort, The King of all forts

The Rohtas fort is one the largest and most formidable fort located near the modern city of Jhelum in the northeast of Pakistan. The fort was […]
October 26, 2021
Minar e Pakistan

Minar e Pakistan, Tower of Pakistan

Minar e Pakistan is also known as Yadgar e Pakistan is a national monument located in Lahore city of Pakistan. The tower was built as a […]
October 26, 2021
Shigar Fort

Shigar Fort, The Fort on Rocks

Northern areas of Pakistan are blessed with excessive natural beauty, the mystical legacy of culture and history, sparkling river and lakes, mesmerizing valleys, and lush green […]
October 26, 2021
Darbar Mahal

Darbar Mahal, A Great Marvel of History

Surrounded by a manicured formal garden, Darbar Mahal in Bahawalpur is one of the most beautiful architectures constructed by Nawab Bahawal Khan-V in 1904 which he […]
October 26, 2021
Hopper Valley

Hopper Valley is a scenic portion of the Nagar Valley in Gilgit-Baltistan

Surrounded by truly picturesque mountains, Hopper Valley is a stunning spot that lies within the Nagar Valley in the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. The valley […]
October 26, 2021
Takht e Bahi

Takht e Bahi Monastery,Indo-Parthian archaeological site

If you’re planning a trip within Pakistan, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Takht e Bahi, a well renowned Buddhist monastery located in Mardan District of […]
October 26, 2021
Saidpur Village

Saidpur Village, a gem lies in Margalla hills

Islamabad, the second most beautiful capital in the world was once home to numerous scattered villages between temples of Golra, Saidpur, and Rawal. Saidpur Village is […]